Keynote Speaker

Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.

Deborah J. Stewart is the blogger behind the highly acclaimed early childhood education blog called Teach Preschool. Through her blog, Deborah shares 30 years of real-life teaching and leadership experiences with over 1.5 million educators from all around the world. Deborah travels though out the US to speak on early childhood topics that help teachers build highly effective teaching skills and strategies in all areas of the classroom. Deborah wants you to know that the solution to every classroom challenge is absolutely right there within you.

Keynote Presentation and Description…

Fostering a Love for Reading in the Early Childhood Classroom through Hands-On, Interactive, Engaging Reading Experiences!

Are your students caring for your books? Do they look forward to sitting down to read with you as a large group? Do they walk away from the read-aloud experience feeling connected to the story, the illustrations, or the characters? Do they happily spend time on their own reading a book with a friend? Let’s find our way to answering each of these questions with a big ‘YES!’ when it comes to reading with young children. Discover fun and engaging strategies, amazing children’s books, and hands-on ideas for capturing student attention and engaging them in the reading process throughout your classroom.