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2017 Conference: 4 Workshops

Track B 2017

2 Workshops & 1 Advanced Track

Track B 2017

2 Workshops & Director's Track

Track B 2017

Director’s Track & 1 Advanced Track

Track B 2017

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Cypress Conference Details

Lunches: The conference fee includes a morning snack and lunch each day plus two (2) drinks. Please note that ECMC is not able to provide for special dietary restrictions. If you have special dietary needs, feel free to bring your own lunch.

Speaker Credentials: All speakers presenting at ECMC 2017 meet the trainer qualifications required by TDFPS effective January 2012. Speaker qualifications are kept on file and can be provided to participants if requested.

Parking: Cypress United Methodist Church has limited parking. Please plan to carpool.

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Comfort Suites Cy Fair
13355 FM 1960 West
Houston, TX, 77065

Please note: In case of conference cancellation due to inclement weather or other circumstances beyond our control, there will be no refunds.

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Cypress 2017 Registration Process

1. Registration is ONLINE again this year and participants will be able to choose from many workshops!

2. Locate your school on the Register page. Online registration begins December 5th for all other programs. Please be prompt with registration, as some workshops will fill early.

3. Participants must be registered individually. Directors may register each staff member or allow teachers to register themselves.

4. Cost per participant is $85. When your staff has registered, please send payment for registrants to the address listed below. To ensure that we post your payment correctly, please mail the Account Summary along with the payment. Make check payable to ECMC Houston, 5920 FM 2920, Spring, TX 77388

5. After January 9, 2017 the cost to register will increase to $100.00. Mailed checks must be postmarked by Monday January 16, 2017.

A %22Get to Heart%22 in a %22Have to%22 World

Workshop: B1
Presenter: Darla Baerg
Ages: All
Core Knowledge Areas: Professionalism
Description: We are given the incredible opportunity to work with children and their parents. Our approach to work often depends on our perspective, attitude, and heart towards what we do. We will discuss practical ways to come to work daily both encouraged and excited about our jobs.
Darla Baerg uses her gift of storytelling and humor to encourage, motivate, and teach lessons that apply in the classroom as well as day to day life. She is a wife, mother of 4, frequent speaker and college instructor. She holds degrees from Baylor, The University of North Texas, and Vanderbilt.

Baby Steps to School Readiness: Implementing a Responsive Curriculum

Workshop: B2
Presenter: Marissa Barrett
Ages: I, T & 3
Core Knowledge Areas: Child Growth & Development
Description: Ensuring that all children are “school ready” has become a national priority. Effective teacher-child interactions are the key to better cognitive, behavioral and social outcomes for children. In this session, participants will learn how to facilitate learning and development for infants and toddlers utilizing the Texas Infant/Toddler Learning Guidelines without turning their classroom into watered down preschool.
Marisa Barrett has been a passionate advocate for at-risk children for almost 20 years. Ms. Barrett received her B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Sam Houston State University and has been endorsed as an infant-family associate from the Texas Association for Infant Mental Health. She is also a certified pre-K and infant CLASS observer, and Texas Child Care Health Consultant.

Bringing the Outside In

Workshop: B3
Presenter: Julie Boone
Ages: T, 2, 3, & PK
Core Knowledge Areas: Professional Practice, Methods, & Curriculum
Description: Young children are drawn to explore and collect items they find in nature. We will discuss how to create an inviting space in the classroom for these items. As teachers, we model how these collections can be explored, various ways items can be organized, and how observations can be recorded. Children can share their discoveries through rich vocabulary. They can also incorporate items from nature into their play and art.
Julie Boone is an educator with more than 40 years of experience in administration, classroom teaching, and consulting. Julie dedicated 25 years of her career to River Oaks Baptist School where she served as Head of Primary School for 17 years. Currently she is the outdoor classroom specialist at The School for Little Children at Bellaire United Methodist Church.

Making the Classics Rock!

Workshop: B4
Presenter: Barbara Brandt
Ages: 3, PK, K
Core Knowledge Areas: Professional Practice, Methods, & Curriculum
Description:Children like what is familiar, and music becomes familiar only when children hear it often enough. If we introduce children to the classics when they are young, they will appreciate and continue listening to them their whole lives. Providing a musically stimulating environment for children in your classroom not only increases their musical ability, it promotes their physical development, language development, pre-reading skills, math skills, ability to self-regulate, and creative expression. You don’t have to be a music teacher to learn how to pair children’s literature with classical music in ways that are emotionally resonant, easily understood, remarkably relevant, and fantastically fun!
Barbara Brandt has worked with young children for many years in many places, including the Houston Zoo, where she was the early childhood educator. This is her tenth year at St. Luke’s Day School: She began as a classroom teacher (3s and PreK), became the music teacher, and now also teaches Arts In Action.

Dealing Effectively with Unacceptable Employee Behavior

Workshop: B5
Presenter: Judy Carnahan-Webb
Ages: All
Core Knowledge Areas: Professionalism
Description: “Dealing Effectively ith Unacceptable Employee Behavior” This interactive training gives concrete ways to deal with the difficult employees in the work place. It will provide specific strategies for getting adversaries to cooperate ad results needed without incurring resentment or damaging relationships. Come learn how to get bullies to back off, chronic complainers to quiet down and much much more!”
Judy Carnahan-Webb has a BS Degree in Secondary Education, M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education and is a Registered Mast Level Trainer. She is and has been a trainer, educator, mentor, coach, administrator and consultant in the Early Childhood Education field for the past 35 years. She is considered a child care expert and her passion is to assist others achieve their professional goals through effective teachings and trainings.

The Building Blocks of Building Blocks

Workshop: B6
Presenter: Dan Engle
Ages: 3, 4,
& K
Core Knowledge Areas: Professional Practice, Methods, & Curriculum
Description: Block play may be the most powerful activity in the early childhood classroom! Participants will learn how block play supports whole child development, with a special emphasis on language and literacy learning. Teachers will become familiar with the stages of block play, learn ways to manage a block center, and explore ways to keep block play interesting throughout the year.
Dan teaches at St. Luke’s Day School in Houston. He is a graduate of the Early Literacy Leadership Academy at Rice University, and has over twenty-five years of experience in early childhood education.

Fine Motor Skills…Write Out of the Box!

Workshop: B7
Presenter: Dr. Marianne Gibbs
Ages: 3, 4, K, & Admin
Core Knowledge Areas: Child Growth & Development
Description: Increase your knowledge of fine motor development as it relates to the handwriting abilities of children 3-6 years old! Fun and easy-to- implement activities and strategies are demonstrated with supporting rationale for the WHATs, HOWs, and WHYs of improving students’ future handwriting efficiency. This is a “must see” session and contains critical, empowering information for teachers WRITE OUT OF THE BOX!
Marianne Gibbs, EdD, OTR is an occupational therapist and dynamic, national early childhood educational speaker. In addition to being a contributing author to Frog Street Press Pre-K curriculum and Benson Handwriting programs, she is the owner of Gibbs Consulting, Incorporated. Dr. Gibbs provides once in a lifetime workshops – every time!

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Helping Children Who Need it Most: Handling Challenging Behavior

Workshop: B8
Presenter: Dianne Goyette
Ages: T, 2, 3, PK, & K
Core Knowledge Areas: Guidance
Description: Many children are experiencing stressors in their lives which lead to challenging behaviors, especially children with identified special needs such as ADHD and autism. Learn how to buffer the effects of these stressors and accommodate these children’s needs. You will learn strategies for effectively managing challenging, defiant, or even explosive behavior, while maintaining your composure and bringing out the best in everyone!
Diane Goyette is a Child Development Specialist, a TECPDS Master Registered Level Trainer and a certified Child Care Health Consultant. She holds a Master’s Degree in Child Development from The University of Texas at Austin, and has 30 years of experience in early childhood education and teacher training. She provides training and consulting through her company, Early Childhood Specialties LLC.

Language Learning for Littles: Sharing Words, Ideas and Emotions with Young Children

Workshop: B9
Presenter: Dr. Sharon R. Jackson
Ages: T, 2, 3, & PK
Core Knowledge Areas: Professional Practice, Methods, & Curriculum
Description: Oral language development doesn’t stop when a child learns to speak…it continues throughout life as children absorb vocabulary, are prompted to think deeply and learn to be both a speaker and a listener. This session will discuss ways that teachers and parents can encourage language learning and will offer tools and suggestions for a variety of ages. Finally, the opportunity to share and network will allow tried and true ideas to be presented. Come with a children’s book to take part in the activities!
Sharon is an early childhood veteran with over 40 years in the field! She is a strong proponent of play based learning and believes that respect is the foundation for positive early experiences. Sharon directs a birth to five program and presents nationally on a variety of topics about early learning and partnering with families for success.

Introduction to the Infant and Toddler Early Learning Guidelines Ages 0-3

Workshop: B10
Presenter: Dr. Tracy Jones
Ages: I, T, & 2
Description: This training session will allow participants to become familiar with the structure and contents of the Early Learning Guidelines. We will review key concepts; responsive care giving, caring with children with special needs and implementing culturally appropriate practices. Participants will consider how to apply the guidelines in your classroom.
Dr. Tracy Anne Jones is the Program Coordinator for The Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System, located at the Children’s Learning Institute at The University of Texas at Houston. She has over 25 years of experience in early childhood including being a teacher, center director, and program manager of a child care resource and referral agency.

Shining the Light on Literacy

Workshop: B11
Presenter: Chrissy Liverman
Ages: T – K, Admin
Core Knowledge Areas: Professional Practice, Methods, & Curriculum
Description: This training is designed to teach teachers of all ages what their role in the development of literacy in children looks like and sounds like. The presentation provides facts of how our influence directly influences our student’s, how we are to take an active role in fostering the growth and development of literacy, and provides classroom video of each strategy in action. The training emphasizes how each age level’s role is vital to the next… creating a strong foundation in each students. There will be examples of children’s work and the big books used in class. Practicing and collaborating will be integrated into the presentation so age levels can briefly discuss how they may incorporate a strategy or technique in their class.
Chrissy Liverman is approaching her 14th year of teaching. She has taught Kindergarten, First Grade, and is currently teaching Transition at Holy Covenant CDC. She is married and is a mother to two awesome children.

Common T-Shirts Don't Make a Team

Workshop: B12
Presenter: Mark Lukert
Ages: Admin
Core Knowledge Areas: Professionalism
Description: A healthy climate is of utmost importance to any organization. A positive school climate does not just happen. It takes time, effort and planning to make sure there is consistency throughout the school year. Research proves that the more unified the staff, the better the climate and teaching. Topics such as communication, dealing with negativity, and the Power of the Teacher will be discussed. Join me in this fun, interactive session and leave wth creative, inexpensive ideas guaranteed to motivate and rejuvenate your staff and students.
Mark is a recently retired elementary school principal with 40 years experience in the field of education. Currently Mark is a national trainer and speaker and co-author of Synergistics published by Kendall Hunt Publishers. Mark presents keynote addresses for various groups and conducts Team Building workshops across the state and nation.

Appropriate Environments for the Youngest Children or %22Oh No! Dr. Maggie's Grandson is in my class!”

Workshop: B13
Presenter: Dr. Maggie McGuire
Ages: I & T
Core Knowledge Areas:Healthy, Safe Learning Environment
Description: Come join us as we explore an appropriate environment for infants, toddlers and 2’s. What are the “must have” and “better not” keys to a place where our youngest are safe and encouraged to explore.
Dr. Maggie has been a teacher, director, assessor, validator, university professor and now she is a grandmother.

Boys, Boys, Boys- What to do with a Class Full of Boys!

Workshop: B14
Presenter: Courtney Osbourne
Ages: 3 – K, Admin
Core Knowledge Areas: Child Growth & Development
Description: Identify the challenges of boys in early education and learn strategies to best reach them educationally, emotionally, and spiritually. Evaluate how to meet a boy’s unique learning needs and build Godly character in boys.
Courtney taught Kindergarten and Pre-K in both public and private schools. She has served her church as Pre-Kindergarten director and other roles. She enjoys teaching from the experiences God has given her and desires to encourage woman struggling with infertility, mothers, and teachers.


Workshop: B15
Presenter: Peggy Osbourne
Ages: T – K,
Core Knowledge Areas: Professional Practice, Methods, & Curriculum
Description: Do you ever feel like you say something over and over again and the children just don’t get it? Do you feel like you are teaching Biblical principles or academics and they are going in one ear and out the other? Join us for this session to learn how to use brain based strategies that can make all the difference!
Peggy Osborne has been in the field of education for over 25 years. Having served as a teacher, administrator and now as a consultant, she enjoys tying together brain research, education and biblical principles. She and her daughter, Lauren, and daughter in law, Courtney enjoy speaking at women’s retreats, parenting seminars and educational trainings through their consulting business, You Are My Treasure.

Goals for our Children: Autonomy, Empathy and Problem Solving

Workshop: B16
Presenter: Erika Sanchez
Ages: All
Core Knowledge Areas: Child Growth & Development
Description: Goals for our Children: Fostering Autonomy, Problem Solving and Empathy in ECH
Come feel empowered as an early childhood professional as you learn how and why children should be taught the skills to become independent! Every day in preschool teachers are modeling and developing lifelong character traits in the little people they teach. We will discuss the daily challenges in our classroom such as independence, sharing and conflict resolution. It today’s world, we need to raise compassionate, kind and loving adults….walk away from this session knowing that we do that every day!
Erika Sanchez has been passionate about doing what is right for little children for over 20 years. She holds an M.Ed. in Special Education and a B.A. Spec Education and Early Childhood. She currently teaches PPCD/Kinder for Cy Fair ISD. She is Mom to 4 boys : the oldest starting college and the youngest starting Kinder!

This is My Father's World

Workshop: B17
Presenter: Christine Smith
Ages: 3, 4,
& K
Core Knowledge Areas: Professional Practice, Methods, & Curriculum
Description: Let’s explore “Our Listening Ears” and other senses together because children’s senses are their first scientific tools God has given for exploring their world. Be prepared to join us in the fun as we use those tools to pluck “ear guitars”, “spoon in” for a good look, and sing a song to solve a mystery with all 5 senses! So get ready to set your science centers spinning with activities and units that encourage predicting, observing, experimenting, recording, and discovery. Fun! Fun! Fun!
Chris Smith is the Director of Early Childhood for Enid Public Schools, Enid, Ok. She presents and consults nationally in the field of Early Childhood education. Her presentations are researched-based, engaging, and educational and her passion and advocacy for young children is contagious!


Advanced & Director Tracks

Directors, please note that you can click on Account Summary to see a summary of registered participants from your school. PAYMENT IS DUE BY January 15, 2016. If we have not received your payment at the address below by January 15, 2016, the price per registrant increases to $100. Please note: if we do not receive payment for the conference, your school may not be allowed to register in the future.

Thursday Advanced Track: Teaching Emotional Intelligence: The Early Years

Workshop: B18
Time: Thursday 8:30am – 12:30pm
Presenter: Brian Goonan, PhD
Ages: 3, 4, K
Core Knowledge Areas: Child Growth & Development
Description: Emotional Intelligence is considered a distinguishing “soft skill” in adults. However, our emotional lives and emotional regulation skills begin from the time we are born and are highly teachable. This workshop will give teachers both the theoretical understanding and practical tools for working with children and their families in the early childhood years to create the building blocks for increasing emotional intelligence.
Dr. Brian Goonan is a clinical psychologist who received his degree from Emory University and practices in Houston. Dr. Goonan is a life cycle psychologist who works with individuals, families, and groups from early childhood through late adulthood, caring not only for the needs of the person as they exist today but being mindful of how each stage serves as a foundation for the next. Dr. Goonan has given over 100 presentations and workshops in churches, schools and various organizations throughout Texas.

Friday Advanced Track: The Importance of Infant/Toddler Brain Development and Your Role as an Early Childhood Educator

Workshop: B19
Time: Friday 8:30am – 12:30pm
Presenter: Keith Pentz
Ages: I, T, & 2
Core Knowledge Areas: Child Growth & Development
Description: This workshop will examine research and notable applications of interpersonal connections, language/communication use and patterns, and emotional support and development. All will be addressed as they relate to the establishment of a social brain. How we work with the very young, especially the emotional engagement we provide to infants and toddlers, is a profound opportunity. The society of tomorrow is being determined by our relationships, brains, and minds we help to create today. Keith L. Pentz, National Early Childhood Specialist for Kaplan Early Learning Company, has been in the field of education for more than 35 years. Keith began his career by working in childcare with infants and toddlers, taught elementary students as well as kindergarten, and then taught PreKindergarten. Before beginning his career as a consultant, Keith taught at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida and was an Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts.

Thursday Directors’ Track: The 7 C’s of Culture

Workshop: B20
Time: Thursday 8:30am – 12:30pm
Presenters: Tym the Trainer, Debra K. Weymouth
Ages: Admin
Core Knowledge Areas: Professionalism
Description: Tym the Trainer will start us off with an inspiring workshop, The 7 C’s of Culture. Knowing that staffing an early
childhood center is one of the most challenging parts of a director’s job, this workshop will discuss seven incredible techniques that are imperative to managing a successful program, motivating and retaining quality staff.
Following lunch together, you will have the opportunity to “ask the experts.” We’ve brought together a penal of experts, moderated by Debbie Weymouth, Director of St. Luke’s Day School and past ECMC Keynote Speaker. Our experts include: Tym the Trainer, Kim Renick (Inspector V; DFPS – Child Care Licensing) and Tracy Willemssen (Educational Diagnostician at Holy Covenant Child Development Center).


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